About Us


Hello friends,

Welcome to our world of shopping where deals become sweeter thanks to our Deal Genie. Our Deal Genie is a kind-hearted being, who works hard in it's lamp-office, to create amazing deals. Every time it is summoned, it brings out a deal and amazes us as well.

Hahaha... Just kidding! The story of our shop is quite different from the fantasy described above. Well we are a family run discount shop. As kids whenever, we went out for shopping our parents would end up buying multiples of everything. We never realized why, until we went to high-school. Parents had to buy for our cousins in the extended family as well. It was a gifting gesture (or culture) that all families have.

This tradition still runs in our family, except that our generation now searches for 'DEALS' to keep expenses in check.

dealokart discount shop

Our experience suggests that deals happen around festival seasons only. Agreed, that shopping spree also happens around festivals. But don't we gift on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other important life events?

Our study indicates that prices are jacked up to bring those discounts. On the contrary, sellers tend to get huge discounts when they buy in bulk. But these are available only to them because they order in huge quantities (100s and 1000s). Seldom are those passed on to the customer.

But we wanted the following four things when we went to shop:

1) Purchase 3-4 pieces of same product or maybe variety of products
2) Avail discounts on entire shopping cart and not on specific products or combinations
3) Discounts be available on the cart value and not on the number of products purchased
4) Discounts be available round the year as long as the product is in stock and is trending

So we put our thinking caps on and decided to flip the business model and incentivize customers for family shopping. Family shopping shouldn't be a burden, but a happy story to talk about. Tadaaaa!!! The result was www.DealOKart.com an online retail store that would pass on its margins as discounts to its valued customers.

Guys feel free to reach out to us on our email id dealokart@gmail.com or support@dealokart.com for any help you need. If you think that our prices are high, let us know. We will invoke our Deal Genie and force it to make our deals sweeter than they already are. If you find a product that you want, somewhere that is not on our site let us know. We will make our best effort to get it for you through out Genie :) 

Oh and by the way, right now we are accepting only PayPal as it is universal and secure for both you and us. You can use your credit/debit card without having to register on PayPal. We are working to get other payment options live as well. Thank you for your patience.

We look forward to serving you in this exciting journey of shopping for accessories!
Vaibhav K. & Raju S.
Founders @ www.Dealokart.com